NAB Payments System Crisis Resolved

NAB Payments System Crisis Resolved

Australian banking major National Australia Bank has resolved the technology issue which has plagued the lender for the last few days which left millions of customers cashless.

According to NAB, the remaining 19,155 customers that were still affected by the issue now have access to funds in their account, nearly six days after the problems first arose.

“This means that all customers are now able to transact as normal. NAB again wants to extend our sincerest apologies and thanks to our customers for their ongoing patience and understanding as we have worked to resolve these issues.” NAB said in a statement.

On Monday NAB said the vast majority of its customers had had their bank accounts restored, with just 19,155 customers still facing issues, which it said would be resolved over the course of the day.

Last Wednesday chaos ensued when a human error resulted in corrupt software code paralysing the lenders payment system leaving customers unable to access funds in their account until yesterday.

NAB says it will refund any fees levied on customers that were charged as a result of the issue. The lender asked customers who incurred charges from other institutions as a result of the error to contact the bank.

“A process will be put in place to identify and put right instances where NAB customers may have inadvertently incurred fees, interest or other charges from the bank as a direct result of these delays,” the statement said.

“Where customers have been charged a fee or have incurred a cost from another institution as a direct result of these delays, we encourage them to contact us so that we can work with them to also put things right.”