CBA Refuses To Properly Explain Technical Prob

CBA Refuses To Properly Explain Technical Prob

CBA Refuses To Properly Explain Technical Problem That Caused Internet Banking Failure
After a technical error interrupted services, hundreds of CBA customers were unable to access their bank accounts last week.Despite the interruption to its internet banking services, CBA declined to explain the issue, which resulted in its online banking facility not being fully functional for several hours last Wednesday.

Customers of the bank found they could not access their accounts, were unable to undertake the payment of bills, transfers or remittances whilst the problem was in effect, with some of the bank’s customers saying they had been having problems for two days.

The bank said a “communication system failure” had interrupted its services.

A statement posted at the bank’s NetBank site last night said : “We are currently experiencing some intermittent issues with NetBank affecting transfers, bill payments & International MoneyNetBank should be working but something appears to have gone wrong.”

A Commonwealth Bank spokesman said the problem had been resolved at 8pm.

“Netbank is fully operational. Full service was restored last night, after customers earlier in the day had encountered difficulties completing transfers, bill payments and International Money Transfers, the bank said in a statement issued this afternoon. The Bank identified a communication issue to be the cause, and is continuing to investigate the incident. Restoring services for customers was the first priority. We apologise to customers that were affected yesterday for any inconvenience caused.”